Aisling Lavelle // GOOD LUCK

Break a leg

That’s what you told me to do for good luck at the audition

So I did.

Your opinion of luck is an awful one

Let me tell you where it got me.


First I threw myself down some stairs,

Jumped out of a car, off a bridge, through a window, down a hill, and under a bus


A bruised collar bone, battered rib, a concussion and a sprained wrist

But no broken leg


So I did it again

Down some stairs,

Out of a car,

Off a bridge,

Through a window,

And under a bus


I fractured my tibia

Broke my fibula

Cracked my patella

Chipped my pelvis

And snapped my femur


So here I am.

Sitting in a hospital bed being evaluated by the hospital psychiatrist

At least next time you tell me to break a leg

I’ll know not to actually

Break a leg


By the way, I missed the audition