Alexander Teng // SHOWER

A flowery fragrance

brings upon the wildest delight.

A melodic touch of pomegranate,

that serenades me in a rejuvenation.


The faucet creaks,

a waterfall is built anew,

forming a blanket of thick, murky fog.


The hot water cascades around my body,

creating a deluge that engulfs my spirit.

I pray,

through the clouds that rise above me.

I pray,

that my sins be washed away,

I pray,

for purification.


The mist blurs my vision.

I reach out to something that isn’t there,

but I know it exists.

I close my eyes,


and reach out to her.


If only she knew that I cared.

Her wet hair sticks to her back like honey,

overwhelmingly sweet.

I place my hands along her side,

grasping on,

to the edge of my existence.


If only she knew…

The water drips,

into a steady trickle,

like the saliva of a dog,

impulsively captivated by the scent of



I open eyes to the smell of citrus,

and the sting of reality.

The water stops,

and I stare at my trembling hands.