Anna Kohlasch // DEEP END OF SILENCE

Sometimes it’s ok

just to lay in bed

and wish the world away

and it’s ok

to dive into the deep end of silence

and lock every door

and swallow every key

and never want to come up for air.


Sometimes it’s ok

to hate your god

and curse yourself

and it’s ok

to want to hang like a bat

in the cavern of silence

and rock yourself to sleep.


Other times it’s ok

to scream

I deserve everything

into the wonderful noise of it all

and it’s ok

to whisper

I want everything

into the waiting ear

of the world.


Other times it’s ok

to skip through

the gray mud

and stain the red rain boots of life

and it’s ok

to do the backstroke

in an ocean of noise

and dip your head underneath the waves.