April Chung // (minority)²

It’s nice, you know.

Being a – what do they call it again?

“model minority”

I mean, yeah, I’m not white, but

to be completely honest,

I’m about as close to white as you can get.

All the stereotypes about Asians wind up being so positive –

being black makes you a suspect,

being brown makes you a terrorist,

but Asian…

being Asian means you’re good at math

being Asian means you play the violin

(or the piano)

(or maybe both) being Asian means you are the best

and if you’re not, then you work until you are.

But then –

what kind of Asian does that make me? I suck at math

I quit piano in 8th grade; I never even picked up a violin

and I’m definitely not the best at anything.

My dad’s white,

and I could tell you the 50 states & their capitals

before I could name 5 Chinese provinces.

So, yeah, maybe I’m a model minority

But, I guess I’m the minority in a minority

a (minority)²