Ashwath Krishnan // HOMELESSNESS

Can you imagine standing out in a blizzard, cold and alone?

Nobody to ask for help because you don’t have money or a phone?

Nowhere to live, nowhere to go?

Well that’s what it’s like when you don’t have a home.


Every day, thousands of people sit on a random roadside,

When the weather gets worse they have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide,

When night falls they can’t go inside,

Out there on the sidewalk, they lie.


When they ask for help, “get a job” is all they hear,

Coming from people with a multimillion dollar career,

Why doesn’t anyone understand them? Is the fact that they need help hard to tell?

How are they different from others just because they aren’t employed and paid well?


“Please give me some change” is all they say,

Just help them a little and get them through the day,

A person without a home is like a fish without an ocean,

You don’t need to give them everything you have, all they need is a very small portion.