Bliss Doney // YOU

To me your voice is a monster

Waiting to come out.

You put me down,

Make me feel hated.


I struggle to get you to understand

But you don’t,

You don’t care.


You pretend that you aren’t hurting me


My feelings are a wall to you

Made of one-way glass,


Invisible to your eyes.


Everyday I am reminded of what you have put me through.

I try to smile and laugh it off,

But you hurt me,

And there’s no way you can fix it now.


Sometimes I don’t want to see you,

From fear you’ll break me.

When I am vulnerable

Thinking of you is a sacrifice to my dignity.


You are a weight, dragging me down.

But I can get up and prove my strength.


I live my life like everyone should,

Walking away from the bad

Searching for the good.