Cassidy Brand // STAR GAZING

Pick up your feet, and walk out under the stars.

Fall down on the grass, ignore the imperfections.

Find patterns in the stars as your mind begins to wander.

Let your mind wander.


As new thoughts flood in, don’t be so quick to build a dam.

For the only building materials you have are

paper and a dried up glue stick.

No matter how long you spend, slowly the dam will degrade.

Instead, splash in the puddles left by the flood.

Let your mind wander.


Closing your eyes will do no good.

For the stars are so bright and your eyelids are a cracked shield.

It’s a jigsaw puzzle that you will solve.

But each piece is in a different country, and you must be willing

to go outside to collect them all.

Let your mind wander.