Dina Keith // MY HERO



You taught me

How to walk and how to talk,

How to fight and how to love,

How to fall but most importantly,

How to get back up.


You taught me,

To stand up for my beliefs,

To never hold my tongue,

To be independent,

Living life the way I want to.


But the one thing,

You didn’t teach me,

Was how a little girl,

Who needed her hero,

Was suppose to live without him.


Not a day passes,

That I don’t look up at the sky,

Hoping to find you in the clouds,

scooping me up from this mess we call life,

But at the end of it all, you never came.


Wishing you were Superman,

With your cape and mask,

To pick up the pieces of my doing,

To teach me a thing or two,

Just like old times.