Diya Antony // LE PARFUM

           You   are   not  cheap.

            Brands from Chanel to Gucci,

          is not what defines you.

           Fragile and unique,

          Is what  creates

          the essence in   you.

        You give off this aura    of

       sweet or sour,   strong  or  timid.

         Your curvy glass figure  is   transparent.

             The rosy substance that “fills” you,  is     artificial.

You are not going to appeal to everyone that passes by you

                                You                      are                    not               pure.

       You          cover               up              true                 naturality

       You       don’t     realize     the      way     people      use      you.

      After     a       while        you        run      out      on     people,

  And       you               are                replaced.

  No one needs you anymore.