Douglas Amirault // I’M NOT THEM

“Are you an Amirault?”

“Your brothers are so good at everything!”

“Are you as smart as they are?”


I’m sorry

If I didn’t quite meet your expectations

But I’m not my brothers

I never have been, and never will be

And I don’t have a 4.0

I can’t run a 5:30 mile

And I’m not a god at the cello

But I’m fine with that

Because I’m not them


And while we may look similar

With the signature combed hair

And the token brown eyes

We’re very different people

I am quiet and reserved.

Avoiding conflict, I search

For purpose in everything I do


So to answer your question,


I don’t like being branded

“An Amirault”

Because I’m not them

And they’re not me

And that’s OK