Dormant ugly brown grass from the fall is covered by white snow in the winter.

Snowy days become sunny days on the dusty baseball field.

Hands unfreeze from the bitter weather and warm up with baseballs in them.

Mittens transform into crusty batting gloves.

Dark wintery days become bright, sun glasses needed days.

 Artificial turf is replaced by brand new muddy grass again. 

Empty seats are squished seats in spring.

Cocooned kids indoors turn into energetic kids outdoors on the field.

Cage dingers become intense dingers.

Tee work indoors becomes a fastball in tight.

Soft toss becomes a long hit from the mound again.

Nice hits into soft netting transform to clutch hits in the gap.

Black “L” screens disappear.

Slow reflexes are quick reflexes again.

Pitching machines vanish and pitchers become reality.

Catchers throw slow indoors but on the Diamond they gun out runners.

Cheap home plates are once again bouncy home plates.

Fake ground balls indoors turn into natural one hoppers outdoors.

Drills become double plays again.

Line drives in the cages become long fly balls again.

Dedication turns into success.