Wake up at the crack of dawn

On an early, Cape Cod day.

Grab your camera, maybe a blanket,

And you’ll be on your way.


Leave your comfy, cozy, weathered house,

Just like all the other ones there.

Step out onto your white shell driveway,

Taste the salty water in the air.


You’ll want to take a car,

It’s a bit too cold to walk.

Head up Main Street,

Hurry up, it’s 6 o’clock.


You really can’t miss

The towering Chatham Light.

It’s fine white paint gleaming,

It’s watchful gaze so bright.


Some crazy people already here.

But, then again, is that true?

You’re here too, just like them,

At this morning rendezvous.


Walk down those wooden steps,

Down onto Lighthouse Beach.

Feel the sand under your feet,

The water just out of reach.


You see the colors over the waves,

As you find a nice patch of sand.

Lay down your blanket, whip out your phone,

And take some sweet pics for the ‘Gram.