Evelina.P // COFFEE SHOP

The aroma of brewing coffee

Enlivens my eyes

I sit down with a steaming hot cup

Watching the lives around me unravel

As they watch mine


The skies are sad with not a shadow of light

I watch as the rain pitter patters onto the window,

Beating my soul to happiness


An elderly woman limps inside

Cold and tired she wobbles to the counter

The place is bustling with young life

People rushing in, escaping the vicious weather

Crying kids

Working men

Kids on their phones, ignoring every interaction around them


Each seat is taken

I ask the gentle face if she wants my place

She walks towards me with a kindly smile

I help her get comfortable

She takes my hand and lightly strokes it with a smile

My heart feeling flushed, I walk slowly away

And now I don’t need my coffee anymore