Fiona McClave // CIRCUS

Welcome, welcome, ladies and gents!

To the circus of broken dreams

Please crowd around, you won’t want to miss this


Yes, yes, do remember to text whomever

Make sure to check your Facebook

Now please crowd around, you won’t want to miss this


Here, here we have thousand pound elephants

Who can balance with ease?

And clowns with powdered faces

Bears with hats on unicycles, have you ever seen?

Next to elastic girls that twist like pretzels

Grind up those peanuts, chomp that corndog

And watch as a man sticks his head in a tiger’s mouth

Its true folks, we’ve got it all

A tattooed face, a bearded lady, a bird that barks


Bodies, bodies fly through the air as if

They were born to defy physics

When monkeys prance like people

The crowd roars with the lions

Anything you could imagine is right in front of your eyes

Oh. You haven’t been looking.