Gabrielle Goddard // CRANE BEACH BARBADOS

I feel the warm glow

radiating down on my skin.

I can smell the ocean air,

And feel the wind through my hair.

I feel free…


As I dive in, I can taste the salty water.

I feel the soft, dark sand underneath my feet.

A school of Flying Fish glide across the waves

And the brilliant bright blue water relaxes me.

The light paints a picture across my countenance.


Here I lose all of my troubles.

I am carefree, content and collected,

And I float around in the current.

Here I have no boundaries,

And nothing can hold me back.


The beautiful ocean gives me a sense of pride.

Here I can feel my ancestors around me.

The massive ocean engulfs the land,

And it surrounds me just the same.

I am home.