Hana Kawamura // PATIO

On a sunny day, I sit on the patio with my dogs,

Watching my mom putting clothes on the line to dry.

And she tells me to help.

Covering my ears pretending not to hear.

My dogs swing their tails cheerfully.

I pat my dogs and stand up.


On a rainy day, I sit in front of the window with my dogs,

Missing the patio, watching the wood floors turn darker with each drop,

Sitting behind my mom who’s started cooking dinner.

The smell of the soup and spices, gently filling the room.

The sound of chopping potatoes and sizzling pork.

I drowsily slump onto my dogs enveloped in this cozy bubble. 


On a snowy day, I play with my dogs,

Running around leaving footsteps, making a huge igloo,

I see my mom snapping pictures of us.

Feeling my fingertips getting colder under my pink mittens,

Soon I forget, seeing my dog’s grinning smiles.

My face painted pink by the crisp winter air.


On a cloudy day, dark and humid,

Wishing the day would end, my mind heavy with concerns,

I close my eyes and go to the patio to play.