Hannah M. // THE CAGE

I am locked inside a cage,

exclusively for women,

where we fight and never win,

and the rules they are not written.


Our hearts are filled with anger,

hands clenched in fists of rage;

but we do not let them see this,

we’re simply actors on a stage.


Our mouths remain shut,

the key was thrown away;

we don’t dare speak our minds

because we know we must obey.


We continue to wait in second place,

it is the only life we know;

but we hope for a better future

when someone finally says no.


This discrimination is not fair;

we can live like this no longer.

Now is the time for change,

when women become stronger.


The locks will be undone,

we will eventually be free;

and in my mind I’ll be thinking,

at last I can be me.