Wake up early

and drag your blanket onto the roof

and eat breakfast while the sun kisses the

ground goodbye for the day


Get into your car and play music so loudly

that the yelling in your head is replaced

by a pounding beat and your racing heart

steadies to the rhythm of your favorite song


Stand outside in the pouring rain and accept

the cool sting of water droplets on your face and the

electric lightning above as your remind yourself that

you are so, so alive


Curl up on that warm spot on your couch where the

 sunlight hits

and get lost in a book that takes you to

a beautiful world and makes you forget why you were

so upset in the first place


Take a scaldingly hot shower and let the tap water

blend into your tears until you forget that you

were crying, and stay until every bad thing you have felt

has been washed away


Run until you feel like your lungs cannot possibly take in

any more air

and your legs cannot possibly take one more step,

and then lie down and enjoy a moment

where peace seems to

seep up from the grass beneath you

and envelope your exhausted body


Peer out your bedroom window

before you fall asleep

and watch the sun kiss the ground goodnight;

but remember that, just like you,

it will rise again