Jack Amsler // RUNNING

It’s like being chased,

sprinting away with great haste.

I can tell it’s just inches from my heel,

and fear is all that I can feel.

I won’t get caught by this great beast,

or I’ll put up a fight at the very least.

I have no idea how to get away.

All I can do now is run and pray.

I’ve been running all night and day

just trying to avoid this fray.

I stumble and fall,

no longer even able to crawl.

I’ve made no progress.

I see no way out of this mess.

Full of sudden hopelessness.

No more strength that I possess.

I could simply lay there,

and end this whole nightmare.

Let myself become the feast,

of this snarling ugly beast.


Closer and closer comes that unsettling sound,

as I lay on the cold hard ground.

Final moments before I ascend above,

thinking of those that I love.

I think of my family.

I realize I can’t give up this easily.

For them it isn’t fair,

For them I need to be there.

I fill my lungs up with air,

I give all the strength I can spare.

I stumble to my feet,

I will not admit defeat.

Once again weaving through trees,

I pray  “God, please,

help me get through this,

help me out of the abyss.”

His stomping could no longer be heard,

it seems my prayers have been answered.

I look all around and I see I’m alone.

I’m relieved I’m on my own.


Finally, I feel I’m free,

but then I see him right in front of me.

As he comes around the bend,

I can see he’s brought a friend.

With me outnumbered, they think they’ve won.

But once again I start to run.

“Two of them is just unfair”

“I can’t escape to anywhere”

I realize my solution will not last,

even though I’m pretty fast.

They won’t disappear,

I’m going to have to face my fear.

Although I’m completely filled with fright,

I know deep down it’s time to fight.

Time for me to stand up and face the problem,

afterall, running will never stop them.