Joan Sullivan // I KNEW

We sat watching one of those ER shows that are strangely addicting

My family had a tendency to do that on early Saturday morning

All crammed together on the floor watching the madness.


Today was different for today we watched a show centered around an animal ER.

Maybe it was because of how young my sister and I were young

or maybe my parents knew something I was about to learn.


The next thing we knew two black labs were placed on the operating table.

Both had eaten something that they shouldn’t have

and were paying dearly for it now.


I sat in awe as the vet worked.

Eyes glued to the slow steady strokes of his hand with blade.

There was perfection there and I needed to see it


When I finally sit back my family files in

with looks of disgust still lingering on their faces

form the part of the surgery they had caught while fleeing.


My mom continued to stare at me

with a crooked knowing smile

“You are going to be a vet.”


She had no clue in that moment just what she had started

of the obsession that would soon brew

because I was going to be a vet.