Jonathan Stix // THE MULE


Let them play other sports

Always asking for a break

but saying they work the hardest

I’d rather be tired and beat after every practice

 constantly working my hardest, like a mule

grunting and working until he is no longer needed

To be seen as one with strong work ethic

 Never stopped because it is too challenging

To be ridiculed by those who have never experienced it themselves because of its strange appearance

I’d rather be by myself, and if

then dismissed by everyone

than to be on a court relying on others

always following the normal path

never going their own way, letting others make their decisions

I’d rather be sweaty and grimy everyday, covered in bruises and cuts

than to be on a field not recognized for my individual work

If I could be alone, dependant on only me, standing tall with my hand raised for my work

I’d rather be the hard working mule