Karannath Ragunath // A REAL RAP GOD

It was 11 at night and nothing deemed productive had been done

My parents would have flipped if they saw what happened to their son

I wrote quickly and passionately as I glance at the badly-locked door

Finally I tiptoed back to my bed, over my homework strewn across the floor

The next day, I glided through classes on pure excitement

After I got on my school bus, I waited for my worthy opponent

When he came, I grabbed the crumpled paper resting on my lap

I was going to win this battle, with this completely new rap

When I finished my verse, my friends had that look I’ve seen a thousand times

This rap battle was over before my opponent could even start his lines

Depressed at never reaching success, I sat in my seat solemnly

I told myself that I would stop rapping, since I did it awfully

Yet, hours later, there I was, writing lyrics all night long

Because I knew one of these days, I was going to prove everyone wrong.