Kayla McDonald // MY MOTIVATION

My struggle is my struggle

I’ve lived with it my whole life


It’s a challenge that I try to overcome and accomplish

It makes my life a living obstacle course

I run down what feels like a never ending hallway

Constantly having to stop for I cannot catch my breath


This is what I struggle with day in and day out

I often feel like people look at me as if I can’t do anything

But never once have I lost faith in myself


I push and push to reach my goals

And work hard so that my passion shows

Don’t limit me for there is no limit


I grow and bleed like you

Though I don’t breathe like you I’m still human and have feelings too

But if you do discriminate me because I am not like you

I will not fret

But yet,

I will stay strong and carry on


For now I’ve reached the end of the hallway

And I can breath again

I don’t struggle as much as I used to

It’s a work in progress

But my struggle isn’t a struggle

it’s my motivation.