Kevin Lee // FLIGHT



Wheels up as the seatbelt sign flickers on.

We are at the mercy of the captain.

Clouds behind us, we are free to roam about the cabin.

Pretentious first class passengers

enjoy their extra legroom and special treatment

as if they’re royalty, and we are mere peasants.

A frantic mother hushes her

lone crying baby in the distance.

The elephant passengers devour peanuts

while watching their seat-back movies.

Your shoulder is a pillow for a snoring neighbor.

Middle seats are the best, says no one.

We reach peak altitude, soaring into the sky

leaving Everything behind on the ground

our Worries appear as miniscule as the people on earth




The cabin rocks,

shaking away our daydreams

This is your Captain speaking

Prepare for descent, we will be arriving shortly


Who is the Captain in all of us?