Kimia Abedi // ABSTRACT

Let them be as a still life painting

always admired, attractive, perfect,

but confined to the strokes of the real world.


          I’d rather be an odd, abstract painting,

to have deep, outlandish meaning,

          to hold the power of questionable expression,

to be unique to every color, line, marking,

          or step outside reality

into the vast expanse of a wandering mind.


I’d rather be              unacknowledged, and if

then completely                                              invisible,

than to be a                                                    still life painting,

exactly replicating                                           everything that is seen,

where taking risks                                is deemed incorrect

by the critical onlookers.


 I’d rather be  weird,  unique,  busy with colors

  than     inert     with the confinements of the r e a l  w o r l d.

       If I could leap off of the earth into boundless imagination

I’d rather be an abstract painting.