Kristin C. Chiu // CHRISTMAS

It started with a sound.

The sound of light ringing bells,

ringing softly in the corner

of their silence.

The girl was the first to hear it,

and broke this silence

of the austere room,

with the harmony of light giggling laughter.

Next were the lights.

The colorful lights,

of blue-green hues,

and sprays of orangey-red neon

that sparked flickers of excitement

in the dimming darkness of night.

Then there was music.

Bells, violins, cellos, and a chorus

of wide smiling carolers,

grinning to the beat of their own drum,

smiling at the happiness they had drunk

from nothing.

And when the clock struck midnight,

there was only the stars,

twinkling in the night,

like things made from hope

and faith,

and the pure grace

of nothing but joy.

And they felt only the sounds of their hearts beating

beating softly, beating as one

beating to the laughter

they held,

suspended in time.

And no one moved.

Not even when the sun came up,

Not even when the music stopped.