Why can’t we be honest people in the world?

Not be greedy people in the world.

Every person has called me “stupid”,

Because I’m poor.


I tried to earn a lot of money, do every job,

To escape being poor,

But it was too difficult

To escape being poor,

Because I didn’t own valuable property.


However, while I was doing a job which was chore,

all the things that make money.

And I’m realizing,

The society has become a playground for

An unconscious man.

Society does not care or cherish

An underprivileged man.


The only thing I wished and hoped for:

To escape from poverty.

I want to live decently.


But, I’m going to choose integrity,

Rather than a vague wealthy life.

Because Integrity is stronger than lies, fraud and any money.

And, Society should be also.





-First of all, I more focused the “main character” to understand character’s mind and

how to induce reader’s interest.

So, I asked myself “To readers interested about my poem, how can I appear?”

While I was thinking, The socratic method could be better,

Because If I’m going to end a question mark at the beginning sentence,

readers might be curious my poem, like “What is the theme of poem?”


Actually, I have no idea that did I use sensory language,

But, After I Saw a video which could help to revise a poem.

And then, I’d like to feel a little bit more in my poem, I added more sentences which can feel like rhyme, and rhythm in poem by more repeating a sentence.