Mahdi Kazi // MAHDI KAZI

My name is Mahdi Kazi. Pronounced MAH-di Kazi, but said as Moddi by everyone who is not my mother or father. I have learned to not mind this and I embrace both ways of saying it. My first name Mahdi means one who is guided to the right path which is what my parents envisioned for me when I was born. My last name Kazi has an assortment of meanings ranging from work in African to being the title of a judge in Islam. Kazi also means wind in Japanese if the I is replaced with an E. I am not aware of a Kazi that I can call of my own, but that’s okay with me because I trust that my ancestors chose a good last name for my family. I will likely not be able to find where my last name Kazi comes in my lifetime, but at least I can sleep well at night knowing that all the meanings are positive. My name is perfect the way it is, whether I am called MAH-di Kazi, Moddi Kazi, Mahadi Kazi or even Mod Bod. I would never give up my name for any other.