Megan Conners // LAKE CHAMPLAIN

The sky grows darker,

as the sun lowers in the sky,

sinking down until there is no light except for the fire.

And still I sit there, alone.


I sit and watch all alone,

as the stars light up the sky,

The fire is quietly dying,

I throw another log on it.


The snoring from the tent

shows the long day my siblings and I had.

The waves and the tanning start to catch up.

And still I sit there, alone.


An owl hoots in the distance.

I wait a few moments to try

And hear his sound again.

And still I sit there, alone.


I yawn as I watch the embers

glow with a feeling of happiness.

They seem to be talking to me, quietly

telling me that I should go to bed, but I don’t.


I yawn loudly once, but

I do nothing. I yawn again, louder.

This time I do move.

I bank the fire and head to bed.