Insert Coin. Press Start

A new adventure, another day

Objectives to do and dragons to slay

Items to buy, levels unlocked

Lagging rage, more potions to stock

From MMO to RPG

I’ll find one that’s right for me

Time to spend, scores to beat

Maybe this time, I’ll try that cheat.

Although some will think that it is lame

In the end it’s just a game


For the rush and thrill of fire

FPS is a gun for hire

But if you would rather the explorer’s path

Side quests and dungeons lay on your track

An adventure lays for you to try

A world for making laugh or cry

At times I find it should be known

That it’s dangerous to go alone

Take this controller, join the crew

Will you be my player two?

Run through the virtual world real fast

Or stick around to make it last


A game has many chapters and stages

A story to tell for all the ages

Or maybe it’s just for the fun of play

Something to pick up everyday

If you wish to go hardcore

Try to beat my highest score

Even though we start the same

There’s not just one way to play this game

There are many ways to thrive

Video games have ruined lives

It’s a good thing I have a few more.