Nana Adduono // BASEBALL

It meant so much to be me when i first started. It was new, flashy, and cool. I didn’t know the responsibilities it would bring to me, it could only be a game right? Bang right in the head! It was only my 4th try and I already took one to the cabéza. You have options. You can crush the ball, let it hit you, or miss you entirely.


 The ball represented what i have had for 8 years, life. But why didn’t i stop after i got hit in the head by this form of life? My uncle, his name is Chris. Currently he lives in Ghana and i haven’t heard from him in 3 years always told me that life will have obstacles. Sometimes you will need to face the obstacles and if you get hit down with that ball get back up and take your base. Of course he did not say take your base but in my 8 year old mind it represented baseball. Getting walked is my favorite, it means you let all the bad go and good comes from it.


Leaving all those bad pitches and not swinging you get rewarded. The worst part is striking out looking. Cause you see life go past you without even making an attempt to hit it straight on. In all it is just a game right? And life is just life right? Wrong. It is. More than that.