When you think of Russia, Vladimir Putin smiles back, an autocrat in false democracy. But go back 115 years, and a monarchy unapologetically stares back, in high and mighty fashion. Czar Nicholas was the last Czar of Russia, and officially known as “by the Grace of God, Nicholas II, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias.” In this sense, while Nicholas of Russia was the last, I would be the first in my family. In that sense, “by the Grace of God,” if my parents cared for such things. They went on to name my youngest brother after Czar Alexander. In stark contrast to parental preference, the Chinese part of my name has a slightly more significant story… 


The emperor was doing a regional tour of the Guangdong providence where he met with the prime minister. The emperor was impressed with the state of affairs, and in a move of incredible generosity, gave the prime minister the last name of “Cheh,” actually a Korean surname. It seems that the Chehs of todays worlds are no longer prime ministers and esteemed politicians, but regular members of society. Richard Newton came to Sudbury in 1663, for reasons unknown. His descendants settled in Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont. The only significant fact about him is that his brother was Isaac Newton Sr., father of Sir Isaac Newton.