0 words

Sign up for a class

filled with teenagers

from random suburbs.

Try not to vomit as you enter.


100 words

Stock up on discount Halloween candy

and instant coffee packets.

Lock yourself in the library

next to a junior working on a history project.


7,000 words

Stray off topic

write a dissertation about high school popularity

that lasts for three pages.

Learn something about yourself in the process.


10,000 words

Eat candy while workshopping your draft

with other intrepid teens.

Make plans to hang out

without any mention of your novels.


24,000 words

Sit at your keyboard,

mind blank at 10 pm,

math homework still not finished.

Wonder where you can possibly go from here.


36,000 words

Compliment your friends at your final class.

“Keep analyzing reality,”

one of them tells you.

You’ll try.


40,000 words

Throw your hands up in the air at midnight,

a Hershey’s bar in hand,

laptop light streaming on your face.

This is just for you.