Olivia W. // LISTEN

Listen to what I have to say

Don’t just dismiss it offhand because you think I’m too ‘emotional’


Don’t laugh at me behind my back when I have to carry something heavy just because you think I’m weaker than you are

I do more crunches than the guy next to me


Don’t insult me and tell me not to wear what I’m wearing because you think it’s inappropriate

And then tell me the rude cat calls I got in the street were something I asked for


And why should I have to be afraid to walk home in the dark?

Because you can’t control yourself?

Well then that’s your fault

Not mine

And is it my fault that you won’t listen when I say no?

You just block it out and say I’m offending you by not giving you what you want


So stop defining me by your standards

Stop labeling me with names you created

I’m not someone you can control and create to be what suits you best

Don’t treat me differently because I don’t look like you

I’m not an obedient barbie doll


Just let me say what I want

And do what I want

And be who I want


Don’t give me reasons to be afraid of the world at night

I deserve to not have to look down at the ground like a scared mouse

Because after all

Who would want to miss a sky full of stars