R. James Waters // ZOMBIE

I walked out through the hole in the wall,

Of a destroyed house in the aftermath.

A rusty toxic air throughout the neighborhood.

Breathing is impossible, but I no longer breathe.

My entire body is dead, but inside I’m still inside

This curse is controlling my brain,

My soul still roams free.

But sometimes I wish that I could wake up,

From a twisted nightmare, sweating in the middle of the night,

Yet normal.


I see the living still wandering,

Holding weapons of my destruction.

How I envy the memories of survival,

The days I spent walking with my friends

Are now spent walking amongst the dead,

All thinking like me, but unable to communicate.

I look at the destroyed bodies still moving,

And see what I’ve become,

I simply wish this suffering would end.


The living are nothing but food.

I have no care of what happens when I meet one.

I either eat them and feed,

Or they kill me,

Putting an end to the madness,

Along with my soul to rest.