Republican Candidates


Donald J. Trump


He thinks Mexico is a big dump,

and thinks everyone else is a big chump.

He wants to build a wall,

which will most certainly fall.

I am talking about none other than Mr.Donald Trump.


Senator Ted Cruz


Like Trump he spreads false news,

which gives me the blues.

He is a Canadian,

but claims to be an American.

This man is Senator Ted Cruz.


Senator Marco Rubio


His middle name is Antonio,

and his arguments don’t flow.

He is in third place,

and it’s been a good race.

This is Senator Marco Rubio.


Governor John Kasich


This man needs delegates quick,

or he will be out in a blink.

He hopes for the midwest,

where he thinks he will do best.

This is Governor John Kasich.




                    Democratic Candidates


Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton


With her best, the Republicans will be overridden,

but the issue is that she just won’t listen.

She is okay,

but that’s not much to say.

This is Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton.


Senator Bernie Sanders


This guy reminds me of Ned Flanders,

but he doesn’t seem to be much of a commander.

He says free college,

but his plan is not very solid.

This is none other than Senator Bernie Sanders.