Renee Loati // STUDIO II

Cold air brushes on my skin

                                        the room feels empty, a barren land

New, matte floor smells of fresh laid marley

decorated with pastel pink marks from many shoes.

My hand rests softly on the lacquered wooden barre,

blinded by the crisp sunlight shining through the uncovered window.

Classically trained bodies

move along to the classical melodies.

Focused on each detail, from the bottom of my feet to the tips of my fingers

performing each count of eight with powerful emotion.

Refreshing ice water cools my body

during a much needed break.

Hard work and pain

the feelings and accomplishments from years of practice.


The temperature of the studio increases

as every moment passes

The hour comes, class ends, the sun sets

and studio two is empty again

Until dawn tomorrow.