Sam Cole // “HELP”

This shows that-


      Maybe try a quote?


Through irony, the-


      How about a human truth?


In this book-


      Maybe use a hook?


Through the use of-


      Beeeeeeep…  Ring across the page.


One block, 55 minutes, not one sentence.


Only fragments, ideas cut off by suggestions never asked for.

At home, isolated with just the paper, it’s done in half an hour.

There is still math and science homework to do, along with studying.

Both could have been done already, 15 minutes each in resource,

but I’m “not there for math or science” … or, as they conveniently forget, english.

But they think they’re helping, somehow pushing me forward while holding me back.

Forgetting why I’m really there, and ignoring what I actually want to achieve.

Only recognizing my interest when I have to help them, pulling me from my own work.


            Hey Sam, you’re the science guy…

            Maybe try asking Sam…

            Sam, can you help him…


They think there is a mutual benefit: I help them, they help me,

But all I get is suggestions I never asked for.