Snigdha Allaparthi // TURMERIC

It is there to stay.


Radiant hues of yellow stain your hands

Leaving them the color of the midday sun.


It is used everywhere:

From the rich pot of vegetable stew boiling on the stove

To the tangy sauce coating the tender coconut chicken pieces

Or even when everyday white rice needs an extra kick.


In powdery clouds it floats through the air

Making blemishes on pearly kitchen countertops.

You must handle it with caution

For it is near impossible to erase.


It touches the carpet once and


It is there to stay.


But without it, foods would be bland and dull.

Lumps of “brown” would just cook on.


What would bring the exhilarating colors to Indian food?

What would complement the fiery taste of the dragon red chili powder?

What would protect you from the microbes of the world?


But once a pinch of turmeric is added to a lifeless dish,

it transforms the dish’s aura


And it is there to stay.