Sophia Caira // I UNDERSTAND NOW

They work hard.

Harder than anyone I’ve ever seen.

They could be somewhere else right now,

but they choose

not to be.

Instead, they choose to

sit there, enclosed in their miserable offices.

Her for 8 hours, him for 15–

sometimes more.

The office desk plant droops over.



Last year’s family Christmas card is propped up against the monitor.

They’re not doing it for themselves.

“Me”, “Myself”, and “I”

do not cross their minds.

I understand that now.

But I also understood that I took,

and I took.

I was little and naive, and did not appreciate their sacrifices until now.

They didn’t make us leave our home for fun.

They didn’t move us somewhere where we couldn’t speak the language, for fun.

They did it for us.

They didn’t choose for us to wave goodbye to our family through our tears, not knowing if we’d see them next summer.

I’ve taken so much for granted.

I understand now–

it was hard.

But they did it because they love us,

and every bit of their pain is to see us smile.

We live as comfortably as we do, because of their love and dedication.

One day, I hope,

mine will take,

and take

and take

from me, as I once did.

And look back and appreciate it, before it’s too late.