Spencer L. // ABC

Overpasses arching above, cars driving right in front of you,

switching lanes with New York attitude, and radios tell you news.

There are billboards and big names everywhere and smoke in the air.

Hitting traffic over East River, you can stop to see the New York skyline.


Flushing is a whole different city with all sorts of surprises.

There’s a kid who grew up and used to reside there.

The new people, new lives, new playgrounds, new highrises,

and new advertisements make him a small part of this city.

Where else explains his ancestry?

Where else are there people asking him to buy their accessories?

Whether there’s snow, whether there’s heat,

but no matter what, this is a city that never sleeps.


Flushing reminds him he’s a 5th generation ABC, built out of diversity

Coming from a city full of opportunity, it teaches him humility

His genes have specks of Cantonese, Taiwanese, Toisanese, Mandarin Chinese

everywhere he goes, this New York feeling is already inside of him.