Stephanie Park // HOME

The cool midnight breeze

seeped through the mesh

of the laundry room window.


I stood behind the kitchen counter

watching from afar.


I found her

scrunched up

in the narrow hall

hidden below

the swaying laundry.


She was silent

she was still

it was 2 am

but she was still awake.

I knew exactly what was going through her head

because it is exactly how I feel

everytime I leave this home.


She gazed out

as the cars sped away,

from the panic of the night.

Just as her time

was being stolen by darkness.


What looked

like a seemingly

chaotic environment

became natural to her.

It wasn’t the blinding lights

or the beeping of vehicles

she adorned,

but the family,

the family that lived alongside this nature.


The summer wind

brushed gently against her face

whistling through the clashing of air

from the 21st floor.


My father snoozed behind her,

comfortably laid in his favorite couch,

adding peaceful tones to the nature of the night.

The sight was a beauty

seeing all 3 generations together

sharing the sweet simple nature of the summer night.


I watched

as she took a panorama of the scenery.

Apartments built

side by side

perpendicular to each other

centered with an insufficient lot

packed to the max by cars that napped.


Behind the city walls

the authentic hills

showed off their natural beauty

balancing the screaming lights of the city

with soothing features of the earth.


She cherished the

the sweet isolation

of the summer night.

For once,

She had the entire city to herself.


A chance

in this time alone

to speak to

to admire

to cherish

and to love