Suhas Suddala // THE THINGS WE WANT

We want to see the world at peace

without the worry of being mugged in the subway at night

Or having to check the door twice before going to bed


We want an endless supply of money,

able to buy a lamborghini and the new iPhone.


We want to have the “perfect body”

to have six-pack or be a size zero.


We want to win gold medals,

and be idolized by everyone, being a common name

like Michael Phelps.


We want to fly and soar with the birds,

to escape from school and chores.


We want to look beautiful, like the goddess Aphrodite

free of any flaws or bad habits.


We want to know words like pusillanimous, animadversion, and peregrination.


We want to watch Netflix for hours a night

while still getting straight A’s

To be that one popular kid who seems to have it all.


Too bad we can’t have everything.