Susannah Gaines // GYM

Sunshine drifts through the windows surrounding the court.

The golden light glows in the air

and polishes the wooden floor.

Hoops hang down from the ceiling.

The netting has turned gray from use.

No lights illuminate

 the scoreboard.

A girl stands in the middle of the court, staring at

the blue banners

that quietly hold the honor of successful seasons.

The silence is overwhelming,

until the girl drops a ball, and it


bounces its way across,

turning on the motion sensor lights,

one by one.

The sound of the ball,

a booming, and unbearably lonely sound,

consumes the room.

The echo dies, as did the voices of

the cheering fans.

The young girl is struck by the silence,

But if we were there it’d be loud.

Because we know.

We know what to listen for,

that if you listen real hard,

You will always be able to hear fan’s cheers

and a dribbling ball.