Tina Bastin // DREAMY WORLDS

February 14th.

Here I am.

A teen mesmerized by magical dreams.

Drunk with wishes, I stand on the cobblestoned bridge that lies over the sparkling, turquoise ocean.

A gateway that connects two emerging enchanting worlds together.

Pure doves gracefully fly and swans elegantly drift upon the sea.


Slowly I look up and am welcomed by a dazzling painting of watercolors.

Sudden happiness embraces me warmly.

Under the rolling clouds and above the grassy hills, the view steals my undivided attention.

Over the glowing horizon, the sun stretches as far as it can.

Shining its toasty radiation upon the rich earth covered with blooming flowers that stand tall with

Beauty, confidence, and love.

As the fiery ball of sizzling happiness sets down to close its eyes,

different colors bump into each other and cherished memories fill the vast sky.

Each color has a life-changing story behind it

Festive Crimson, Fiery Orange, Pale Yellow, Summer Green, Cool Cerulean, Luxurious Amethyst, Cotton Candy Pink.

The angelic colors reflect off my sunglasses and vibrantly enlighten my world around me.


The fading of the sun holds my heartbeat.

The light is swallowed by darkness.

My heartbeat falls.

I look up.

A glistening midnight sky embedded with twinkling stars bestows me.

Day and Night.

I open my eyes.

The rhythm of the beating heart drives me back to romantic nights.


Magical realms of memories enchant my kingdom.

I close my eyes.

The gateway between two inspirational scenes embodies me.

I close my eyes.

I hold my arms wide open waiting for the one on the Titanic.

The love I had for you engulfs me with hope and strength.

My heartbeat holds a moment in time like a camera snapshotting an action in midair,

Capturing precious recollections filled with overpowering love that blesses my heart.

Here I am.

February 14th.