Vishnu Kodangattil // WAKE ME UP

I’m sorry I woke up late,

I know it is something you hate.


But last night,

I stayed up until midnight

and went into such a deep sleep,

that I didn’t even hear the alarm clock go BEEP.


No time to waste,

let’s leave in haste,

because now I’m late for school.

My teacher gives me a dirty look,

now I know I’m out of her good books.


But I am not the only one to blame,

You should also feel some shame.

It would have been best

if you didn’t make me study for my biology test.

That’s why I stayed up late

instead of sleeping at half past eight.

I wouldn’t have even been late,

but we got into this pointless debate.


O, why did you make me so late

You know it is something I hate!