Vivian Li // NEMO FOUND

I’m sorry I fed your fish to my cat.

Whiskers always watched the fishbowl

with such eager eyes.

I thought he wanted a friend.


And your fish always

swam in circles excitedly

as he approached.


As a deep believer in world peace

I thought it was only right

that two beings,

so different in character,

ought to be spurred on

in their attempt to forge

new, exotic relationships.


Little did I know

that as soon as I scooped

the gold fish out of the bowl,

Whiskers gave it a loving



To my dismay,

and I’m sure Whisker’s too,

the sudden onslaught of affection

was too much for Nemo to bear.


But it’s ok now.

Nemo rests in pieces

comfortably in Whisker’s

litter box.