Yooni Park // KALOPSIA

No matter where I look, all I see is glass.

The sunlight strikes the stained shards

And creates an iridescent glow that reminds me

That we were like gossamer

Fleeting and easily broken,

Yet so beautiful.

They told me that I should’ve run when I had the chance

But I was lured in by your siren song

Because I was shipwrecked and praying for a savior.

They told me that I should stay strong

But with you by my side,

I thought I could conquer the world.

They told me that I should hide from the shadows

But I thought that you were the sun itself.

I realize now that I was mistaken.

In reality, you were the catalyst to my downfall.

You were the hamartia that dragged me down.

You destroyed the windows that were my only escape

And you walked away as if

Our paths had never even crossed in the first place.

Even so, my memories with you are stains that will not fade

Because our light is merely flickering, not dead.

Because even after all this time,

You are still my fallen angel.