Let others be tied and constrained onto the ground

Always like rocks, never moving

And ignorant to the world around them.


I’d rather be a leaf floating downstream, like a fish swimming

In a lazy river, enjoying the scenery.

Infatuated with this transcending realm.


To be free from the tethers of tree branches,

To go where I please, spying majestic landscapes around me.

To be unbound by laws, restricting their thoughts,

And unrestricted by fear, restricting their actions.


I’d rather be plagued by infelicitous luck, and

Be seen as an unfortunate fool,

Than live as rocks of unadulterated boredom.

Where false self-esteem is given as a crown,

Like the laurel wreath they sit upon.


I’d rather find no beauty in the world,

Than believe it’s nonexistence without seeing it.

If I could be free, exploring the world as I please,

I’d rather be a leaf floating downstream.