Ananya T. Walhekar // ODDLY SHAPED SOUL



The world is your oyster

They say

But you,

You are the oyster–

And your soul a

Baroque pearl

Oddly coloured

Like a bruise,

Of cobalt and ash

Oddly shaped

Like a pear,

Trying too hard to be an apple.




A droplet of light

Among the dust and dusk

Waiting to be noticed

Losing its luminosity

Blending into the darkness

Of the body interior

Venturing out

Only to watch the rain

Bow to the sun

And forming a view

Of a faultless world.


So incomplete

So naïve

In an impure world

Of walls that discriminate

A mindset of endless fears

A canvas of ruthless smears

And scratches

Where we condemn those

Pears who are speckled

And those apples

Who will not firmly

Grasp the concept of

Red or green.